September Greetings from the Executive Director of IKCA

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September 10, 2019

 September Greetings, 

A warm hello to each and every one of you during this special Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I am connecting with all of you as the Executive Director of Island Kids Cancer Association, but more importantly as a pediatric oncology mom to my amazing son Jacob who became my Angel 6 months ago.

I want you all to know how honored I am to be part of this amazing community of brave families. We connect with one another through unimaginable times, converse using a medical language that only we can understand, chatting about our kid’s bloodwork results, scans, our upcoming visits to BCCH, the nerves we feel leading up to that visit.. and the laughter we share that keeps us afloat, sometimes the dark humor that gives us that lift and “edge” to keep us going.  

September is a month for reflection, for what it means to be a pediatric oncology family, and knowing that we are not alone in this battle.  We share our stories when we have the energy and pick the moments and audience carefully. We have an understanding with one another, what it means to be that mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa supporting these kids, our superheroes who show such resilience, spirit and fight. 

Island Kids Cancer Association was created to provide support, connection and outreach to those who have been affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis. Our Board consists mostly of pediatric oncology parents who have been there with their own kids and know first hand the struggles and basic needs that come with this difficult journey.  We also have critical Board members from our own amazing communities with important skill sets and perspective. Tania Downey, our Program Coordinator has been tireless in supporting families in so many ways and we are all truly grateful. Island Kids Cancer Association is here for all of you, and as we head into the fall / winter months, we will continue to reach out and let you know about opportunities to connect, and recoup if just for moments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

 Thinking of all of you and on behalf of Island Kids Cancer Association, take care and be well.


With Gratitude,

Susan Kerr

Jacob’s Mom

Executive Director

Island Kids Cancer Association