Our donors and volunteers are extremely appreciated and a key component of our success.

Our Donors


Norgaard Foundation

We are fortunate to call the good people at the Norgaard Foundation amongst our most dedicated supporters. Knowing the challenges that starting a new organization can pose, they wanted to be sure that children would not miss out on important services while operations were gearing up.

Their generous donation to the Physical Literacy program meant that our kids could be up and playing right away. In April, we launched a new program to support our bereaved parents group. The eight-week program is run by Learning Through Loss Society and we hope it will provide solace and bring new hope. Once again, this important initiative was supported by the Norgaard Foundation and we are so grateful.

Peninsula Co-op

We are extremely grateful to Peninsula Co-op for their generous donation to our emergency support program. It is evident through the generosity of Peninsula Co-Op, that they understand the importance of community and making a difference.  The food and fuel vouchers have been a critical form of support for so many kids with cancer and their families, as they visit the pediatric oncology clinic at Victoria General Hospital for treatment and follow-up. Many families travel several times a week and sometimes from outside of the Victoria area. Fuel for the vehicle is a true, basic need that can be financially draining. The ability to put food on the table is often times a struggle for many families as they face many financial challenges throughout the pediatric oncology journey.

Sincerest thank you to Peninsula Co-Op, you are making a difference for so many kids and families affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis in Victoria and across Vancouver Island.


Saunders Family Foundation

Saunders Family Foundation started and continues to support many Island families through their immensely valuable Comfy Kids Car Program.

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